We want to be your trusted advisors in the development of your international project.

Advice to Andalusian, Spanish and European companies in their international activity.

We have more than 20 years of experience advising our companies in the development of their international commercial activity. We are proud to have collaborated with Spanish companies such as GRUPO AGQ LABS, INÉS ROSALES, BIOMEDAL, GLASSING MONKEY, NATURALIA, RENEAN, SIT TRANSPORTES INTERNACIONALES, ECM MOVIES, and CLANTECH, among many others.  We have facilitated their establishment and access to new markets, the establishment of strategic alliances, their purchase or sale of assets or companies, and we have negotiated important international agreements. Other Spanish and European entities have also counted on our services in their international affairs, as is the case of the Portuguese bridge construction company BERD – MBS, or the German entities CGC, HUELLEBRAND and BINDER.

Accompanying international companies in their commercial activity in Europe.

Accessing the European market, which has more than 500 million consumers with high purchasing power, is one of the priorities of many companies in the world. That is why international entities such as CAFÉ LA PARROQUIA, OPTEL, SALKAT, KUKAI ENERGY, BAIRES BRAND, PILATEC, COCISA and BUNKERGLAM have trusted us to proceed with the implementation, purchase of assets, and establishment of their commercial distribution, as well as the negotiation and adoption of agreements in Europe.

Intercompany agreements, acquisitions, mergers and competition law matters.

With globalization and integration in the European Union market, a market has been developed that requires corporate restructurings, acquisitions and mergers, which beyond their legal and economic significance, they must act in accordance with the demanding competition rules.

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

Arbitration is an alternative method to ordinary justice for the resolution of disputes that offers multiple advantages in terms of speed, efficiency, simplicity, convenience and economy, but its usefulness and operation is unknown to many companies and professionals. For this reason, and in order to serve our clients, we have consolidated experience in arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Start-Ups, venture capital and project financing.

We support and faithfully believe in entrepreneurship, in the generation of value, in turning dreams into companies that generate wealth and employment. Hence, our vocation to work with those who generate, develop and finance companies of interest.

International Taxation.

International tax planning allows for the maximization of profits through the choice of places and circumstances with lower tax burden to quote in accordance with the law.  For this, we combine a wide variety of knowledge, including tax law, international banking and business consulting. The permanent advice and the ability to create legal and tax structures for the development of each project or international business allow us to provide global solutions to optimize their results.

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