New Technology and Privacy.

Protection of innovation and intellectual and industrial property rights.

We are in the knowledge era in which intangible assets acquire a fundamental value for any company or economic activity. The law must be updated in order to guarantee the authorship and rights derived from patents, trademarks, appellations of origin, ideas and any invention, creation, design or distinctive sign capable of protection. Therefore, intellectual and industrial property rights are one of the main pillars on which our firm develops its activity.

Technology Transfer.

We strengthen your agreements in the processes of transfer and/or acquisition of technology, skills and knowledge, guaranteeing the protection of your rights and your innovation.

Privacy and Data Protection. Exercise of the Right to be Forgotten.

In collaboration with, and relying on its advanced technology for data protection and digital privacy, we contribute to the exercise of the rights consolidated in the European Union and collected in the current regulations. The identification and review of your digital footprint, the exercise of the Right to be Forgotten, the rectification of existing information on the Internet, and many new challenges are duly addressed to ensure your privacy and reputation.

Information Society Services and Digital Platforms.

We address information society services, i.e., all those services that are provided at a distance, electronically, at the individual request of the recipient, and usually for remuneration. In general terms, these services include those provided through the Internet, provided that they represent an economic activity for the provider. We also advise in relation to the new legal framework for digital platforms of intermediary services regulated by the legislation in force in Spain, the European Union and the United States of America.


Legal Technology (Legaltech) includes everything that affects the use of cutting-edge technology in the legal field to streamline, optimize and automate the processes of companies with the ultimate goal of making them more efficient and offering greater added value to all citizens. Artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, and technology continue to generate great opportunities whose risks and consequences must be duly assessed in each case.

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