“Many years successfully collaborating with BOLEO GLOBAL in projects financed by the European Union to strengthen the legal framework and international trade in Latin America. Professionalism, experience, knowledge and vocation for a great working team.”

Fiorentino Delogu

Partner-Director of PROATEC

“I have found the trust and legal support of a business law advisor that has provided us with valuable professional services in our international development: negotiation and drafting of trade agreements, acquisition of companies, protection of our intellectual property rights, etc. Lawyers with knowledge, experience and global vision are essential for companies like AGQ Labs”

Estanislao Martínez

CEO and Executive Chairman of AGQ LABS

“Boleo Global has been present in important projects for the strengthening of justice in Guatemala. The strengthening of the rule of law is key to the development of any society”

Claudia Escobar


“Collaborating with great professionals in Spain in the field of business has always been motivating and interesting, so it is convenient to have the best professionals join our efforts so that our clients are properly attended”

Susanne Kratzsch

Rechantwalt – Lawyer in Germany

“We found a lawyer who knows the idiosyncrasies and needs of the company with the capacity to advise us legally in such a competitive market. It was very useful to be able to incorporate our subsidiary, establish the appropriate commercial agreements, and create a solid legal basis in which to develop our project in the United States”

Juan Moreno

President of Inés Rosales

“They have successfully advised us in the protection of our trademark “Café la Parroquia” in the European Union, as well as in the development of our commercial activity in Europe, and up to date, with remarkable success and full satisfaction on our part”

Marcelino Fernández Rivero

Proprietor Café La Parroquia, Veracruz, Mexico